Shop Policies


A NON-Refundable $60 deposit is required to schedule a tattoo appointment for designs sized under a 1/2 sleeve. A $100 deposit is required for a design 1/2 sleeve  and  increase  for  larger  pieces.  

Deposits will be applied to the FINAL cost of the tattoo. If more than one session is required, it will be held until the final session.

Shop Pricing

The shop minimum is $70   which  includes  the  tax. The hourly rate depends on the artist you choose to work with. Tattoo services are cash only as are deposits. 

Denied Designs

Ivy Ink Tattoo has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. If your artist is not comfortable with your design, you may be referred to another artist or denied the design at their discretion.

We will NOT tattoo hateful symbols or gang signs.

We will also not tattoo someone else's tattoo on you. Let us help you design your own, original design. 

Late Arrival/ Unprepared

If you arrive later than 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment, without having given notice to their artist in advance, you may lose your deposit and time slot if there is not enough time for your appointment. At this point you would have to put down another deposit to reschedule. 

If you arrive unprepared by not having ID or other items (including sunburn, bruising or scratches etc on the area to be tattooed) causing a delay or resulting in re-scheduling, you may also lose your deposit.

Age Restrictons

You must be 18 years of age to be tattooed. ID is required. 

You must be 14 years of age to enter the shop. -Piercings being the exception


-You must be 12 or older for ear lobe piercings. (We do not pierce babies)

-You must be 15 or older for a nose

or cartilage piercing 

-You must be 18 or older for nipples and dermals

Pregnant or Nursing

You must not be pregnant to be tattooed. Though it is a a debated topic between professionals, we prefer to not take the chance of exposing your unborn baby to unnecessary risks. Better safe than sorry. 

If you are nursing, it is advised that you pump enough to last while you begin healing. Also a debated topic, but any risk to you and your body can effect the milk. 

Under the influence

You must be of a sound mind to be tattooed. This is Washington State law. No exceptions. You will be asked to leave if you show up intoxicated. Drinking causes excess bleeding which can result in the need for major touch ups later. YES. EVEN JUST ONE LITTLE DRINK! Other drugs impair your ability to make good choices. We want your experience here to be the best it can be. Not a regret.

Blood and heart conditions

You MUST advise your artist BEFORE being tattooed if you have epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, heart conditions, diabetes, hepatitis, hemophilia, any other communicable disease or take bloodthinners. 

You must first talk to your doctor before undergoing a tattoo if you have any of these conditions to make sure it is safe. A doctor's note may be required as well if the condition is serious. It is at your artists discression whether or not to tattoo you. 

If you lie or neglect to inform your artist of any of these conditions, you expose them to an unknown risk and yourself depending on the condition. This is not acceptable.

Tattoo shop policies

It is at the discression of your artist and their comfort level to choose whether or not to tattoo a face, neck or hand tattoo on you. Please respect their decision as they have the right to refuse service for any reason. 


-No weapons at the shop


-No soliciting