Tattoo Aftercare and more

Suggested Tattoo Aftercare

Suggested Tattoo Aftercare

Suggested Tattoo Aftercare

Back tattoo with roses and mandala design. Chandelier work on a woman

Every artist will suggest something different, but this is what we have personal experience with and have seen great results. 

1. You will remove the bandage after an hour

-DO NOT LEAVE ON LONGER THAN 2 HOURS! Bacteria will grow

2. Wash the tattoo gently with clean hands using warm water and DIAL GOLD LIQUID SOAP until all ointments and debris is removed. 



-(Note: some soaps say "clean". This is a scent)

3. Dry with a paper towel

-DO NOT USE REGULAR CLOTH TOWELS. Fuzzies can get stuck in the tattoo

4. Apply a THIN layer of UNSCENTED coconut oil if no allergies are present. Unscented lotions can be used as well, but I suggest coconut oil first.  DO NOT USE PETROLEUM BASED LOTIONS. The tattoo can not breathe

5. You will do this process (wash, dry, moisturize) TWICE PER DAY FOR 2 WEEKS

If your artist uses saniderm or tatuderm, follow their instructions.


Suggested Tattoo Aftercare

Suggested Tattoo Aftercare

Tattooed man crossing arms

-DO NOT let anyone touch or slap your healing tattoo. Dirty hands cause infection. Slapping it can blow out the lines.

-DO NOT scratch or scrub your healing tattoo. I know it itches! RESIST! 

DO NOT go swimming, go in a sauna, or soak in a bath until your tattoo is healed after 2 weeks. 

DO NOT allow your healing tattoo to get sunburned. Protect it with clothing or stay out of the sun. 

DO NOT put sunscreen on a healing tattoo. ONLY use it after all scabbing is done or it could cause irritation and or infection.

DO NOT use Vaseline or any substance like it on your new tattoo. It does not allow your tattoo to breathe and will pull out your ink. 

DO NOT over wash or skip cleanings


Suggested Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Cancellation Policy

Sexy tattooed man drinking tea

DO, pat your tattoo gently if it itches with clean hands or add a thin layer of lotion for dryness

DO allow all flakes and scabs to fall off on their own. Assisting them will cause ink to come out in spots

Do shower normally and make sure all soaps are washed off completely

DO contact your artist immediately if  you have questions or a concern about your healing 

Follow your artist's aftercare instructions. They know what is best for their art and have seen the final results of the aftercare

You can apply extra coconut oil or lotion 2-4 times per day during the itchy phase.

DO show it off and enjoy!

Tattoo Cancellation Policy

Tattoo Cancellation Policy

Tattoo Cancellation Policy

Tattoo machine lying down

There are NO refunds for tattoo services. We guarantee our work. If there are any issues, please contact us so we can discuss options for any concerns. 

You MUST give 48 hour notice for cancellation or you will lose your deposit. 

If you are more than 20  minutes late for your appointment without contacting your artist, you may lose your appointment and deposit. Please communicate with your artist. 

If there is a pattern of cancelling day of, half of the cost of the session will be required to book your next appointment  If  the  artist  is  willing  to  work  with  you  again.

More  on  the  policies  page.  


Tattoo Cancellation Policy


Paint buckets full of rainbow color


How much do tattoos cost?

-Come in for individual pricing.


Is there a shop minimum?

-Yes, $70. This includes all tax

Is there tax for my session?

-There is always tax on tattoos. 

Your artist has an hourly fee adn tax is on top.

How much are piercings? 

-we are temporarily not offering piercings

Can I bring a friend?

Sure! But space is very limited in the stations. Please limit yourself to one friend if possible

I heard it hurts worse if you are sick or on your menstrual cycle. Is this true?

-Yes. Anytime your immune system is lowered, your pain tolerances is also lowered. It is best to wait until you are in full health or your cycle is over. 

Does it matter if I drink or take painkillers before coming in?

-Yes! Please do not drink alcohol before your tattoo. It thins the blood and makes it more difficult to tattoo. Also, we will not tattoo someone under the influence. 

- Aleve and any other blood thinning medications cause excess bleeding which pushes out your new ink.  

-Ibuprofen is ok.

Do you take credit cards?

-No. Cash only

-We do NOT have an ATM. Please come prepared.

I am from out of the state/country, how would I book with you?

-This is a case by case basis. Contact us to learn of your options

Does it hurt?

Um..... yeah. 

Can I get tattooed if I am under 18? 

-No. You must be 18 years of age. RCW 26.28.085. NO EXCEPTIONS


Do some areas hurt worse than others?

-Yes. However, everyone's body is different so your experience will be different than others

Can I bring my kids?

-Children must be at least 14 years of age to be in the shop unless they are getting pierced. (12 and up) They must be supervised at all times. We are not a sitting service. There are harmful chemicals and potential bio hazards in the shop and children can come into contact with them. Or worse, they bump the table and ruin your tattoo. It's just best not to.  Floors are not safe for toddlers to crawl on

How do I prepare?

-Eat before you come. 

-Bring snacks for long sessions

-Drink water the day before and day of 

-Be healthy when you come in

-Wear clothing that makes the tattoo area accessible

-Bring  snacks

How To Book

Tattoo Cancellation Policy


Tattoo artist tattooing a name on mans arm

 The best way to book an appointment is to call or email your artist of choice in order to schedule your  in-person consultation during normal business hours. This info can be found on our "contact us" page.
For tattoos, please bring reference art with you.
At the end of the consultation, a non-refundable,  cash  deposir  is  due  to  book.  Deposit  pricing  is  on  the  policy  page.

Quotes CAN NOT be given over phone or messages. In person ONLY. For pricing, please visit the shop.