Alex: Tattoo Artist


Alex is the owner of Ivy Ink Tattoo. She has been doing tattoos for over a decade in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas. 

Her style has a wide range from traditional to realism. As far as a favorite style to tattoo, she enjoys watercolor, black and gray, and any new ideas that bring a challenge. 

Her most recent passion is covering self-harm scars as well as other scars from surgery or accidents. She finds the work to be incredibly rewarding and meaningful. 

"I love hearing people's stories and helping them move on from painful memories into a brighter and more beautiful future."

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Gabriella: Piercer

Our new piercer!

Gabriella has over 7  years of experience in the piercing industry.  She has a strong medical background and phlebotomy certification.  She pierces with high quality, internally threaded, titanium jewelry. It contains no nickel so there is no chance of nickel reaction to the jewelry. She uses disposable tools only to ensure the best experience and safety for her clients. 

View her piercings at:

Ariah: Tattoo Artist


Ariah Christine has been tattooing for over 7 years.  Geometric, blackwork, ornamental, neo-traditional, and water color are her favorite styles but she is always willing to work with new ideas.

In her free time she sings and plays guitar in both her acoustic projects and alternative band, Zenith.

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